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story line was just straight up awesome. very good cliffhanger ending..can't wait to see more..too bad its sticks but i can deal with it

good job

not bad in terms of flash..good political statement tho
for all you people that trip shit over "flip flopping", politicians have to represent us, you think that means being one sided about everything? you have to compromise and be elaborate with issues..all these yes or no questions don't exist..the US, and the world, is not run on orders of yes or no.


shut up blingbling...how can you not see that this movie talks about exactly what IS happening in the US right now..the facts are in front of you..

good movie haha

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very nice

excellent game..u did have to click a lot and i found the sniper to be rather inaccurate at time but it was fun...wat does the government building do?

i got an "Extreme" score :) woohoo

sus vagin

Pixelized Nintento characters are for Chinese, Sus bit bitch..get yo dutch ass on yo knees, you know how to use flash? bitch please.
If we were to rob you of your Chineseness, it have to be your peenis.
The fact that you got good scores is wack, the only reason you got a 10 is cause Mario fucked you in your crack...bitch lick a sac
You think your skills with Flash are able? Your little pansy ass should be in that cradle
hopefully Nintento won't sue your ass for copyright, your not a paying contender, be original nerdy slut and tighten your suspender
Learn english bitch dutch, in yo teeth there's a gap, come to Frisco bitch, in yo dome you get a cap

p.s. lick a dick, to animation you should not stick

write back...biatch

tenchi5000 responds:

Is that all you can say?

o hell no

what the fuck..first off i did not just give you a 0 because this music and band sucks dick harder than ever but also because it is completely retarded to make a movie of shit about a band that only has several fucked up fans that really need to stop listening to this horrible stuff. There takes no skill to slam on ur guitar and scream random shit into a mic, especially while looking gay at the same time; not to mention that enuf fucking people sing and play music like shit that we dont need more crap
arggh i fuckin hate this fucking shit ass music..

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